I'm interested in buying antique American (Edward Zinn, Korn, Pressbutton,
Flylock, Schrade Cut. Co., Presto, Case, Kabar, Remington, Schrade Walden,
French (Begon, Bargoin, Pradel, Cartailler DeLuc, Makinox, etc.),
German (Puma, Hugo Koller, Henckels, Boker, Hubertus, Herder, Eye
Brand, Hen& Rooster, Weidmannsheil, etc.)
Italian (Prioletta, Frosolone,
Campobasso, Scarperia, Maniago, Flli. DiIorio, D Piscitelli, Zoppis, Lima,
Astor, Cutlery Angeli, Mauser, Panamex, Triangalo, Elio, Coricama,
LaVespa, Raimondo, Virginia, Jndiana, Latama, Edwin Jay, Etc.) and any
other interesting switchblades that you may wish to sell. I prefer knives in
excellant to mint condition, but will consider broken knives in need of repair.
I'm interested in sizes from the smallest keychain size all the way up to the
largest display models.
I'm also interested in odd patterns such as the camper models, fish, and ring
pull models.
I also collect old knife catalogs that illustrate this style of knives from any
country or company. If you have any of these and would like to part with
them, please send me an